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Utility Lux

Available in 2 models
classic and garden

atlantech lux
Plate standard diameter* 250 mm*
Total height 808/1.008/1.308 mm
Total weight 7/10 kg



*Plates produced according to the project specifications

Installation plate Atlantech Utility Lux

Maximum area of extra-pole accessories  <0,40 m2

Standard plate diameter* 160 mm*
Box diameter 76 mm
Box height 100 mm
Total height 600 mm
Total weight 2 kg




*Plates produced according to the project specifications

Steel installation tool.


For lighting structures until 3 meters of heightStandard plate Ø 250 mm

lux CLASSIC version

The Atlantech Utility Lux Classic is available
in versions 808/1,008/1,308 mm

lux CLASSIC version

Garden Plate 30x600

For lighting structures until 1.5 m of heightStandard plate Ø 160

lux Garden Plate 30x600 version

The Garden 30x600 is produced
in one piece and the plate is
directly realized according to
the plate of the lighting structure

lux Garden Plate 30x600 version

Comparative table

PLATE DIAMETER* 250 mm* 160 mm*
box diameter (cone/cylinder) - 76 mm
box height (cone/cylinder) - 100 mm
total height 808/1,008/1,308 mm 600 mm
total weight 7/9 kg 2 kg

*Plates produced according to the project specifications

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Stop to large construction sites, to escavations
and to the use of concrete. Choose Atlantech
for easy, rapid and safe works. In the respect
of the environment.

Contact us without obbligation, we will send you project specifications,
complete datasheets and products DWG.

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