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ATLANTECH designs and manufactures its products within
the Italian Zecchetto Group, in compliance with the national
and European regulations in force on the subject
guaranteeing quality and sustainability thanks to a
continuous process
of control and certification.

“Lighting columns - Design and verification - Specification for characteristic loads”

“Eurocode 1: Action on structures – Part 1-4: General actions – Wind actions”

“Technical standards for constructions”

“Instruction to apply the “New technical standards for constructions” in line with the Ministerial law 14 January 2008”

“Instruction for the evaluation of the actions and effects of wind on buildings”

"Construction Products"

"Quality management systems"

"Environmental management systems"

"Occupational Health and Safety Management System"

"Quality in fusion welding"

"Execution of steel and aluminum structures - Part 2: Technical requirements for steel structures"


The Atlantech system has been tested on different types of ground and stress
conditions for compression, shear and bending moments.
The capacity tables have been generated for each model according to
stress test results and calculation report in compliance with the national
and international regulations. The tests determine the maximum sizes
of the lighting poles (extra-pole accessories included) sustainable by each
Atlantech Lux model taking into account the maximum stresses
produced by the wind in the different zones and the kind of soil.

The system has been tested by ANAS through field tests, with subsequent
approval and adoption of the Atlantech technology on their systems.

Collaudi ANAS


Stop to large construction sites, to escavations
and to the use of concrete. Choose Atlantech
for easy, rapid and safe works. In the respect
of the environment.

Contact us without obbligation, we will send you project specifications,
complete datasheets and products DWG.

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