Fast and non-invasive deliveries

Fast and non-invasive deliveries

The difference with traditional concrete plinths is abysmal

Hundreds of Atlantech Lux foundations can be transported on a single vehicle.

Confronto Trasporto cemento Atlantech
The picture shows a load of traditional concrete plinths (13 plinths for about 25T) and a load of Atlantech Lux Small Plus foundations (234 foundations for about 9T). The loading/unloading of goods as well as the management of the warehouse is equally different: while the Atlantech foundations are packed on pallets of 9 foundations each, the concrete plinths, of about 2T each one, are loaded individually from above with special bands.

The concrete plinths can only be handled with special means with "lifting arm" or excavators and require major excavation work for their positioning. Once arrived on site, the Atlantech Lux foundations can also be handled by 2 operators or hooked directly from the excavator equipped with a hydraulic auger and screwed on site.

The benefits of choosing the Atlantech Lux foundation are therefore also relevant in the transport and management phases of the product on site, reducing the amount of transport required and the use of invasive means for handling, with advantages both for the environment (lower emissions) and for safety in the workplace.


Stop to large construction sites, to escavations
and to the use of concrete. Choose Atlantech
for easy, rapid and safe works. In the respect
of the environment.

Contact us without obbligation, we will send you project specifications,
complete datasheets and products DWG.

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