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The business idea Atlantech has been developed to meet specific technical needs of the sector, but without forgetting the crucial importance of the economic aspect.

Atlantech, with the Lux technology, makes of the economic saving and the competitiveness two of its strengths. It brings benefits both to the installer companies and to end users, public and private. To use the Atlantech Lux technology means to save the 30-40% of the installation costs, without taking into account the benefits from the reduction of the 75% of the installation times.

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eco-friendly technology

Thanks to the Atlantech Lux technology it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions in the production cycle of materials, in the installation phase, and in the recovery and disposal of the device at end of its life. The Atlantech Lux products are reuseble and recyclable: thanks to the first feature it is possible to remove the foundation from the ground and re-use it in a different location for the installation of a new lighting pole, thanks to the second it is possible to recycle the product at the end of its life obtaining new raw materials for the construction of a new device.

The next table shows the carbon emission due to the productions of the materials using the traditional concrete plinth (kg CO2 saved) and the Atlantech Lux technology (kg CO2 produced). The difference between the two values represents the CO2 saved using the Atlantech technology.

 Weight of the concrete plinth (kg)Weight of Atlantech products (kg)CO2 saved (kg)CO2 produced (kg)
ATL Short 200 16 41 24
ATL Small 400 26 83 39
ATL Medium 1.100 58 229 87
ATL Heavy 2.200 72 458 108

For example, 10,000 Atlantech Lux Medium avoid the emission of about 1,420,000 kg of CO2, only in the materials production cycle, allowing Atlantech to develop along the path traced by the world's leaders in the international summit on climate change.

More and more Public Administrations have introduced constraints to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide. These actions show the desire of a general European policy to reduce the carbon emissions and to achieve the "zero emissions" in the construction and maintenance of smart cities.

guaranteed safety

Atlantech has invested more than two years in R&D activities to be able to offer a new device in compliance with the national and international regulations. Particular attention was addressed to the safety of the installation system in terms of public safety and in the workplace too.

The Atlantech Lux products allow a perfect connection between the pole and the screw foundation for the discharge of current to the ground, ensuring an excellent grounding system of the lighting pole that prevents cases of electric shock and it increases the safety of persons.

The real cause of lighting poles inclination on the roads is not the wind action but the weight of the foundation that, over time, cause the subsidence of the concrete plinth. The Atlantech Lux technology is the solution to this problem: the not invasive Atlantech foundation system provides a perfect verticality of the pole over time, ensuring more security for citizens.

The  Atlantech Lux products can be installed in few minutes reducing the working time. It means that, especially on the roads and in the urban centers, we obtain more safety for the road traffic and for the workers on site, as well as for citizens.  The stationary building sites are eliminated.

simple and fast installation

The easy and fast installation is the main feature that diversify the Atlantech Lux technology from the traditional installation with concrete plinths. Only two workers equipped with one small-excavator and hydraulic auger can install in one working day about 30 Atlantech Lux devices immediately available for the pole installation. With the traditional concrete plinths in one working day a team install a maximum of 6/7 concrete foundations: the reduction of about the 75% of the installation times.

When the installers work on busy streets and in cases of natural disaster or emergencies, where there is the need to install entire lighting lines in a short time, the Atlantech Lux products are the perfect solution.


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