Atlantech Lux:
the foundation that
transforms a common
lighting pole into a
"passive safety" system


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We bring to light
the passive safety
of lighting systems

1.5 Million people are injured in car accidents
every year in Europe

Over 8% of the accidents in Europe involve
collisions with lighting poles and signpostes

100 Billion euros spent in Europe on
the victims of car accidents

7.500 road accidents caused by collisions
with fixed obstacles result in 10.000 injured
and 300 deaths every year in Italy

The EN 12767 European regulations have led to the
development of lighting poles that are more secure
but more expensive than the traditional ones, the latter
aspect preventing their full-scale implementation.
To date there has been no certainty that passive safety
poles installed on the roads will act according to the crash
tests, as the  performance of the pole is affected by the
soil conditions and the foundation on which they are installed.
That is why the European regulations are being currently revised.
Assessing the type of soil near each lighting pole does not
seem feasible due to time and costs. Moreover, there is no
European standard related to installing procedures.
Hence the need to find alternative solutions to increase the level
of safety of people in the event of road accidents caused by
collision with fixed structures such as road lighting poles.

The effective, fast and
money saving solution?

Intervening on the
foundation, replacing
the traditional
concrete plinth with
atlantech lux.

To prove the effectiveness of ATLANTECH LUX in the
absorbtion of the energy released during the impact
with a car
, sophisticated simulations have been conducted
by the GdTech laboratory, one of the most authoritative
in the world in road accident simulations.
The final crash-tests conducted by CSI Milano permit us
to develop the new SAVE passive safety system.

Download here the SAVE leaflet
Download here the EN12767 certificate


Results of passive safety tests:
Atlantech lux promoted with
flying colours

Category to which it belongs

Atlantech Lux (using a common pole)

luz luz

Concrete plinth (using a common pole)

plinto plinto

Category index HE 3 (at 70 km/h)

tabella tabella

With an ASI* value of 0.7 and a THIV** value of 27 km/h Atlantech Lux
enabled a traditional steel pole to obtain the performance of a passive
safety pole in HE3 class.
The Atlantech box rotates allowing the pole to come out and  to
progressivly stop the vehicle, thus causing minor physical damage
to passengers. The traditional cement plynth does not belong to any
category, in that it is much more dangerous.

*ASI - Acceleration Severity Index: value calculated from the
triaxial vehicle accelerations.
**THIV - Theoretical Head Impact Velocity: velocity, expressed in km/h,
where a hypothetical "point mass" occupant impacts the surfaces of a
hypothetical occupant compartment.

Atlantech Lux crash test simulation

crash test crash test crash test laterale crash test alto
  • Foundation view
  • View from above
  • Side view

Atlantech Lux crash test simulation

  • Foundation view crash test
  • View from above crash test laterale
  • Side view crash test alto

Tests conducted on an 8 m above ground lighting pole, 148/60 mm
diameter, inserted for 0.8 m inside the Atlantech Lux Small Plus foundation. 
The vehicle tested is a Peugeot 205 travelling at a speed of 70 km/h.

For further information on the tests submit a request.


Transform a traditional lighting
pole in a “passive safety” system
thanks to the Atlantech lux

lux heavy

Safety, another excellent reason
to chose Atlantech. Available in 5 models.

They chose Atlantech
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Stop to large construction sites, to escavations
and to the use of concrete. Choose Atlantech
for easy, rapid and safe works. In the respect
of the environment.

Contact us without obbligation, we will send you project specifications,
complete datasheets and products DWG.

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